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Welcome to our support section. Here you will find additional information regarding the most Frequently Asked Questions about Hawkins Futura pressure cookers. Additionally, we have just added a new section that covers information about the ordering process.

As always, feel free to contact us at any time regarding any addtional questions you might have.


Frequently Asked Questions about Pressure Cookers:


Q: My cover will not fit my pressure cooker. Did I receive the wrong cover?
A. No, putting on the cover is a little tricky the first time. Illustrated step by step directions are given on the inside front and back covers of the Recipe/Instruction booklet. After putting on the cover one time, you will be an expert at it.

Q. Why doesn't the cover go on like most other pressure cookers?
A. Hawkins Pressure Cookers have a unique cover. It is oval shaped and fits inside the cooker rather than on top of it. This clever design ensures total safety when using your Hawkins pressure cooker.

Q. How does the safety valve work?
A. The safety valve contains a fusible alloy that melts at the required temperature and pressure. This allows all pressure to be released from inside the pressure cooker. The safety valve must be replaced if it melts. Bay City International can supply you with and needed parts.

Q. Why did my safety valve operate?
A. Two things will cause the safety valve to operate. Should the normal escape of steam be prevented, the safety valve will operate. Keep the steam vent (located in the center of the lid) clean and check every time before use by looking through it. The safety valve will also operate if there is insufficient water in the pressure cooker and it boils dry, causing the temperature to rise beyond the normal operating level.

Q. My pressure cooker is not working and I see steam coming out around the handle. What is the problem?
A. The safety valve has operated correctly. See question and answer above.

Q. The lid handle on my Hawkins pressure cooker seems to be loose. Should I tighten it?
A. No, the lid design allows for free play on the handle. This is essential for proper sealing.

Q. Can I clean my Hawkins pressure cooker in a dishwasher?
A. No, do not wash in dishwasher. Cleaning should be done soon after use. For normal cleaning, wash with hot soapy water using a sponge, nylon scouring pad, or Scotch Brite.

Q. How do I remove a baked on stain?
A. Try to tackle them while they are still fresh. Soak in hot water. Make a thick paste of a chlorine based cleanser such as Ajax or Comet, and apply to surface. Wait 10 minutes and then scour with steel wool using a circular motion.

Q. Is there an up or down side on my sealing ring?
A. Yes there is. Writing on the sealing ring itself dictates 'other side up'. If the writing is up then look closely at the sealing ring and notice that one side is rounded. Put place ring on cover with that side facing out.

Shipping Information

Note: The shipping fees for your order(s) are calculated during the final step of the online purchasing process. Below is a shipping and handling price guideline. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions related to product delivery. Thanks!


Shipping Information

Domestic USA

  • Unless otherwise arranged, all orders are shipped from Bay City International via UPS Ground and US Postal Service.
  • Expect 5-7 business days for delivery
  • Overnight and special shipping available, please email service@mercantileintl.com or call 732 650 9400 for a shipping quote.

Pressure Cookers, Cookware, and Cooksets
(Quantity shipped to the same address - total cost of shipping)

1-2 Units UPS Ground - $9.95 - $19.95
2-3 Units UPS Ground - $19.95 - $29.95
4 Units UPS Ground - $29.95 - $39.95

Note: Due to their larger size, the shipping and handling charge for the Hawkins Big Boy and Prestige Pressure Canner is $19.95 per unit...

Replacement Parts, Accessories, and Cookbooks
(Quantity shipped to the same address - total cost of shipping)
1-4 Units US Postal Service - $4.95-$9.95.
5-10 units UPS Ground or US Postal Service - $9.95-$19.95.

Note: Parts are shipped for free when ordered with a cooker.

International Shipping Information:

For all International orders (including Canada) please email service@mercantileintl.com or call 732 650 9400 for a shipping quote. Payment in the form of money order or cashiers check in US funds must be received prior to shipping.