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Parts & Accessories

Hawkins - Pivot


Hawkins Pivot for Hawkins Pressure Cookers B10-04 Hawkins genuine replacement pivot is intend..

Hawkins Whistling Pressure Regulator


Hawkins Whistling Pressure Regulator B10-20W for Aluminum & Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker..

Hawkins - Pressure Regulator New 2005 & Later


Hawkins Pressure Regulator H10-20 for Classic Aluminum & Stainless Steel Pressure Cook..

Hawkins Safety Valve


Hawkins Safety Valve B10-10 for Hawkins pressure cookers Hawkins genuine replacement safety ..

Hawkins Sealing Ring for 1.5 Liters


Hawkins Sealing Ring A00-09 for Hawkins 1.5 Liter Pressure Cooker Hawkins Sealing Ring for H..

Hawkins Sealing Ring for 8J-14 Liters D10-09


Hawkins Sealing ring D10-09 for 8 Liters Jumbo-14 liters Hawkins pressure cookers Hawkins ge..

Hawkins - Sealing Ring for 18-22 Liters


Hawkins Sealing ring E20-09 for 18-22 liters Hawkins pressure cookers Hawkins genuine rep..

Hawkins - Sealing Ring for 2-3 Liters


Hawkins Sealing Ring A10-09 for 2-3 liter (4tall) Hawkins Universal pressure cookers Hawk..

Hawkins - Sealing Ring for 3.5-8 Liters


Hawkins Sealing ring B10-09 for 3.5-8 liter Hawkins pressure cookers Hawkins genuine repl..

Hawkins - Subsidiary Handle


Hawkins Subsidiary Handle for Hawkins Pressure Cookers B15-05 Hawkins genuine replacement sub..

Hawkins Subsidiary Handle New Version B39-05


Hawkins Subsidiary Handle B39-05 for Hawkins Pressure Cookers Hawkins genuine replacement su..

Manttra Pressure Regulator


Manttra Pressure Regulator for Manttra Pressure Cookers, manufactured by TTK Prestige Ltd...

Manttra Pressure Regulator Assembly


Manttra Pressure Regulator Assembly consists of Vent Tube with Nut and Pressure Regulator, manufactu..

Manttra Steam Vent Tube


Manttra Vent Tube with Nut for Manttra pressure cookers manufactured by TTK Prestige Ltd...

Presto - Air Vent


Presto - Air Vent Used on cookers and canners made prior to 1977. Allows excess steam to escap..

Presto - Cover Handle


Presto - Cover Handle This handle attaches to the cover of your Presto pressure cooker. Part..

Presto - Interlock Assembly


Presto - Interlock Assembly The air vent/cover lock (located in the cover handle of your cooker/c..

Presto - Overpressure plug 09915


Presto - Overpressure plug 09915 Used on cookers and canners built after 1977. Steam is automatic..

Presto - Pressure Regulator 09978


.Presto - Pressure Regulator 09978 The pressure regulator fits onto the vent pipe to indicate whe..

Presto - Sealing Ring 09901


Presto - Sealing Ring 09901 The sealing ring fits around the inside rim of the cover and forms a ..

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